AI generated art in the style of real-life artists.

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Images are generated in the style of real-life artists using a large database of artists with details about the methods, genres, styles, subjects, locations, and time period of each artist.

Disclaimer: While these are newly generated works, they are styled after the work of real artists. If you find images you like, please look up the artist and their real works. You won't be disappointed. As good as generative AI has become, these are still a crude approximation of art based solely on existing subjects and styles on which the model was trained and reflects no conscience or intent. Look at the real artists' works for genuine creativity.

Warning: All the images in the collection are generated with prompts to prevent nudity and other NSFW content. However, sometimes the AI models still produce something you might find inappropriate. I periodically scan new items in the collection to mark them accordingly, but there is a chance you may still see something you don't like. In that case, please notify me or simply skip past the image.

View images by artist (new) -

Select one of the many artists in the list to view the images generated in their style next to real works of art by the artist.

View recent images -

A viewer to display the most recent images as they become available. A new image is loaded every five minutes. Clicking the right side of the screen displays the next oldest image. Clicking the left side displays a newer image until the newest image is reached.

Shuffle images -

A viewer that shuffles images from the entire collection at random. A new shuffled image is loaded every five minutes. Clicking the screen will pull up another shuffled image.

Failed images -

See the failed images from this collection on the sister site, Art Intelligence Fail.


The credit for the idea of creating art by using an AI to generate a prompt for an AI to generate an image goes to Nick Gregory and his website.

The list of artists used for generating the initial prompts comes from Stable Diffusion 1.5 - Cheat Sheet.